The Pyramid of Capitalist System

Pyramid of Capitalist System

“The Pyramid of Capitalist System” was a popular poster that was first printed in In 1911, to graphically illustrate the place of the worker at the bottom of a capitalist society, while supporting all levels above.

It also illustrates that the infographic is not such a new invention.

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  • chea

    I guess being a reporter and having many of them from communist countries…Cuba, China, Russia…well they love this country and capitalism also goes hand in hand with certain freedoms. Like a very poor person being able to rise to the top on their own initiative. Like freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and so many other things.

    Don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s not perfect, no culture or government is, but it’s better than socialism (which is form of communism and actual communism).

    My friends from other countries are so proud to be here and be Americans and experience levels of freedom they would never go back to their countries with the present governments. Even Russia is still very communist in it’s way of doing things.

    thank you,

    • Hi Chea, and thank you for visiting our site.

      By posting photographs, articles or illustrations about the era in which most of this film takes place especially if they may or may not have been inspiration to the activities of Emilio, Praxedis and the others, we do not intend to disparage America or Americans in any way.

      Nor are we endorsing any specific economic system. Our intent is to present history and shine a light on exploitation, no matter which form of economics it occurs under.

      In the end, we both agree that the ability for one to make their own way up the economic ladder is a vital component to any society.

      Thank you for your comments.

  • Suntory

    Today it is no different, except maybe the money bag, which is today the huge banks/financialists, and the fooling part, instead of the church I would place the media.

    I disagree with Chen, it is true that a person can be very poor and raise to the top, yet capitalist system creates great monopolisms, and hence very powerfull lobysms, hence a person can reach the top only if it abides to a certain set of creeds and behaviors, and by serving the establishment elites, if not he will be struck down, legaly or ilegaly, this process can reach a certain point where a genial person, cannot develop its business, as it menaces the elitist establishment, has to sell its intelectual property to those of those businesses, if not he can be even killed, as for inastance happened with 1 great american engineer who discovered electrical fueling in the 80´s.

    This depends on one´s sensibility, capitalism is a economic system, in its early stages, then it degenerates into a neo feudal system, where money makes the laws, and everything else.

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