A Time of Justice - Praxedis Guerrero

Praxedis Gilberto Guerrero died one hundred and three years ago on the morning of December 30, 1910. He died a hero for the cause of revolution in his deeply troubled homeland, Mexico. See More…

Video - Why Praxedis Left the Hacienda

Francisco, caretaker of what was the hacienda Los Altos de Ibarra, explains to Walter the reasons why Praxedis would leave his privileged life, and embark on a dangerous journey to bring dictator Porfirio Diaz to his knees.

Video - Ricardo Flores Magon and the PLM

Through Praxedis, Emilio became deeply involved in the revolutionary activities of the Partido Liberal Mexicano.  The PLM was a political party dedicated to establishing a society based on economic equality, workers rights and self-determination.  The PLM was founded and led by Ricardo Flores Magon.

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