Maria Viola Hernandez Camargo (1923 - 2015)


VIDEO SLIDE SHOW AND SOUNDTRACK (with soprano soloist Maria Viola Hernández Camargo, El Coro latino de Los . . . → Read More: Maria Viola Hernandez Camargo (1923 – 2015)

A Time of Justice - Praxedis Guerrero

Praxedis Gilberto Guerrero died one hundred and three years ago on the morning of December 30, 1910. He died a hero for the cause of revolution in his deeply troubled homeland, Mexico. See More…

The Pyramid of Capitalist System

“The Pyramid of Capitalist System” was a popular poster that was first printed in In 1911, to graphically illustrate the place of the worker at the bottom of a capitalist society, while supporting all levels above.

It also illustrates that the infographic is . . . → Read More: The Pyramid of Capitalist System

What Anarchy Was Not

Anarchism is not vandalism, or terrorism. It is a loose-knit worker’s movement beginning in Europe of the early-mid 19th century, and coming to the United States and Latin America in later decades.

Focusing on developing a workers’ culture with information and ideas conveyed through . . . → Read More: What Anarchy Was Not

The Demise of Native Californians

Southern California Native people suffered brutally at the hands of newcomers to the area beginning in the late 18th century with the arrival of Spanish missionaries, followed by Mexican “Californio” rancheros, followed by Americans and other European immigrants starting in the early-mid 19th . . . → Read More: The Demise of Native Californians

Las Soldaderas

Women played an extremely important part of the campesino armies of Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata. “Las soldaderas” followed the ragtag troops of these generals everywhere they fought, bringing their families along and caring for their children and husband-fighters. But they also themselves . . . → Read More: Las Soldaderas

Revolution or Revelation?

“The Mexican Revolution stripped away the veneer of order and peace – the Pax Porfiriana – that had masked the social unrest percolating beneath the surface of President Díaz’s long reign. In his 1990 Nobel Prize lecture, Mexican writer Octavio Paz noted that . . . → Read More: Revolution or Revelation?

The Plan of San Luis Potosi

Francisco Madero

In September 1910, Porfirio Díaz, Mexico’s longtime president, staged the Fiestas del Centenario, or Centennial Festivals, to mark the hundredth anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain. Designed to showcase Mexico’s development into a modern nation, the celebrations were held amid widespread . . . → Read More: The Plan of San Luis Potosi

War Criminal

Syrian President Assad is nothing less than a war criminal and should be tried in the World Court for crimes against his citizens, thousands of whom have died in the bombings and shellings Assad has ordered of dissident Syrian towns and neighborhoods for many . . . → Read More: War Criminal

Vaclev Havel 1936-2011

This holiday week also marks the passing of one of the great freedom fighters of the last fifty years. As a dissident playwright in what was then the satellite country of Czechoslovakia in the Soviet Union – an empire of incredible and brutal suppression . . . → Read More: Vaclev Havel 1936-2011