Audience Responds to Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery!

On March 17th we held a private preview screening for Weaving the Past: Journey of Discovery at Raleigh Studios’ Chaplin Theater.

The film received tears of joy and a rousing standing ovation from the audience.  In attendance were people who worked on the film, friends of the project, many wonderful members of the Emilio Hernandez Family and avid film lovers who chose to spend their St. Patrick’s Day evening with us.  Thank you all for coming!

Afterwards, several audience members took the time to share their thoughts about the film. See what they had to say…


Below are more of the many wonderful comments we received!

“Dear Walter, thanks for a great showing. It is a fantastic documentary. Congratulations!” – Albino Pineda (friend of Emilio Hernandez)

“Walter…last night was amazing. Thank you so much for allowing us into your world, past/history. I’m grateful. Have a blessed day.” – Will Gelhaar (psychologist, writer)

“What an amazing documentary Walter!!! My friend and I were taking about it – I was so taken with your beginning and the events and timing that led you to unlock your family’s past were so well portrayed that I felt like part of your journey. Well done!!!” – Linda Baker (founder of A.N.G.E.L.S. Day)

“I congratulate both of you for such a great film!!! THANK YOU, OUTSTANDING!!” – Betty Venegas Huebner

“Thank you so much for the great honor of being invited to join you on your amazing, and for me, game changing Journey of Discovery. I cannot begin to tell you how differently I came away from the movie. Not only the insight that you brought about your own longing for connection to your Tata and the eye opening journey of the Mexican people, but the way Ive been thinking about my own family since last night. I am in deep gratitude.” – Robin McDonald (actor, comedienne)

“I was deeply moved by Walter’s passionate journey to find the missing links to his past. I loved all the old photos, and the film itself was shot so well. I really liked seeing all the fact-finding locations the filmmakers visited, and I learned so much about Mexico’s history which I never knew before!” – Anne

“What a fantastic film! So moving and well-constructed. We both teared up, and among other things I’m especially impressed with the sheer amount of research that went into it. Congratulations on a wonderful evening.” – Mark Wild (professor of history, Cal State LA)

“Both Sally and I want to thank you and Shelley for a wonderful viewing evening and congratulate you on a powerfully moving film. Thank you for this inspiring tapestry woven from your grandfather’s life of love and service, from the troubling and inspiring story of social injustice and the PLM, and from your own quest for identity and meaning in history… Thanks to you and Shelley for the memories.” – Rennie B. Schoepflin (Associate Dean of College of Letters & Natural Sciences, Cal State LA)

“Outstanding job Shel and Walter. Really enjoyed the journey and the enlightening story of your family’s many fascinating twists and turns. Your story speaks to so many people and will, no doubt, inspire others to understand their histories and paths in life. Ruth and I were honored to be included.” – Trey Baskett (LAPD mounted patrol police officer)

“Dear Walter and Shelley, Thank you for inviting Mindi and me to your special event screening, and for allowing us to share not only in the journey of the project itself, but to share in a personal journey that the film depicts. We were so appreciative of being able to gain a deeper understanding of you, the process and the incredible family saga (intertwined with history) that led to the creation of Weaving the Past.“ – James Napoli & Mindi

“Walter, Walter, Walter… You never cease to amaze me. Wow! You have left me speechless with your passionate search for your truth, your history. Your journey will inspire many of us who have lost hope … your words and vulnerability fueling the fires in our souls that have been abandoned; and long forgotten. From the heart straight to my heart… bullseye baby!… I feel privileged to have been a part of your new beginning. Love you both.” – Tania Carmenate

“Wow! I was there, on your journey. Powerful story telling… many of the images and words have stayed with me. Congratulations!” – Gloria Hillard (CCN, NPR correspondent)

“Thank you Walter. I am truly inspired by your work. Thanks for bringing us all together through this medium…. such an inspiring documentary. You have inspired us all! Love you!” – Matthew Brooks (Great grandson of Emilio Hernandez)

“Your family is lucky to have such a dedicated filmmaker document the history of their ancestors. A great film! Congratulations!” – Dane Smith (Producer at Deluxe 3D)

“Congratulations Walter and Shelley for this amazing production. You opened a new door to and for our family that will always be treasured. Love and kisses to you both.” – Laura Hernandez (Emergency Management consultant and granddaughter of Emilio Hernandez)

“What an accomplishment!!!!!!!! I am so pleased I was able to come and see what your labor of love looks and feels like! It was inspiring and such an achievement it took my breath away.” – Michelle Carmichael (Actor)

“I have been reviewing the written and spoken comments of many of the people who have viewed your documentary, “Weaving The Past: Journey of Discovery.” I can only repeat many of the descriptive appreciative remarks. I loved the subject matter, the universal appeal of tracing your roots and the professionalism of the entire project. It hit all the buttons and left me wanting more.” – Hank Alcouloumre

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